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Almost everything gets thrown away eventually. Tossing garbage already seems to be so second nature to us, that we hardly realize the impact attached to every single item we throw away. The very real effects of climate change has already drastically affected many lives and businesses. Our eyes have been opened to the detrimental threat that we pose on our planet. However, there’s still thousands of tons of garbage that we generate everyday, contributing to the vast change in our environment. 


As grim as the future seems with our trash, I believe that there is hope for the world. Many people and businesses have already started movements on waste reduction, along with few commendable individuals who have adopted a zero waste lifestyle. Many innovators have also gifted the world with ideas and technologies that could potentially put a halt to the earth’s degradation.


I believe God has placed me where I am today in order to be a channel of His grace. Through Ecowaste I, along with many other individuals, am able contribute to the conservation of the environment by continually making efforts in providing solutions to our waste problems. Seeing His work fall into place is the ultimate reward and any material outcome from this business is, to me, just a bonus. We are all called to be stewards of God’s creation and we all have a responsibility to restore nature’s beauty. I believe if we all put our environment before our individual interests, we could all make a huge difference.

Nelson De Luna

CEO and Founder

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